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Michael Fraidenburg, Master Facilitator and Mediator

If you are reading this you may be feeling stuck, unclear, or conflicted about how to unravel a problem with your virtual meetings.  

That’s why I open my schedule for these complimentary coaching consultations.  


Final - Promise

Please accept a FREE 1-hour consultation as my gift to you. I want you to succeed, so I’d like to pack this call with as much value as possible.

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What Happens During Our Call

When you schedule a time to talk, we’ll discuss the outcomes you want and identify the obstacles holding you back. Whether we choose to work together or not, in this session I’ll connect you with ideas and resources to help you move forward.  Here is how our call will go.

Final - Roadblocks

Identify Roadblocks.  Get clear on your objectives and exactly what is the roadblock holding you back.

Final - Diagnosis

Diagnose the Situation.  Take a look at all the background and current events to analyze the cause of the roadblock.

Final - Innovate

Innovate Solutions.  Brainstorm solutions, pick the best choice, and design how to implement that solution.

Begin dealing with the meeting productivity challenges you face.

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