Facilitation and Rocket Science ?

Facilitating meetings is not rocket science but rocket science can’t happen without good facilitation!  Consider the huge team effort it takes to create a rocket launch.  That kind of collective effort cannot succeed without a substantial amount of facilitation occurring in support of the thousands of decisions required for liftoff.

Excellent facilitators who plan anything from the office picnic to the next space launch have the following skills in their toolkit,

  • Advanced preparation
  • Clear communication
  • A clear vision of the meeting purpose
  • Active listening
  • Asking the right questions at the right time
  • Timekeeping
  • Establishing a psychologically safe environment for sharing and disagreeing
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Creating focus in the group
  • Objectivity to stay out of the content and just manage the process
  • Managing final decision making by the group
  • Commitment to the group’s success

Facilitation helps everyone work together to achieve the best possible outcome.  Perfecting the art of facilitation is one of the most important and beneficial skills of a successful leader and a wise career investment. 

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