An agenda is not a list of topics.  It is a ‘project’ management plan.

And the ’project’ is the group process we call a ‘meeting.’

A good ‘agenda-as-project-plan’ includes decisions on scheduling, prioritizing, facilitation techniques, and establishing substantial accountability.  
But, most importantly, a good agenda is rock-solid clear about the deliverables (work products) that are needed from the meeting!
That’s why I open my schedule for these complimentary coaching consultations.  

If you, as the meeting leader, do not organize the group’s work,

the group will organize the work for you, often in a direction you do not want to go!

Here is a handy agenda-building spreadsheet you can use to transform the agenda from a list of topics into a work plan—a plan designed to create a concrete, actionable deliverable by the end of the meeting.

Good luck with your next meeting!